Friday, August 03, 2007

Oz Odessey

Chloe with her hero.


oz odessey

All the fishermen in our family and woman, the only thing i caught this day was the boat.xx

Oz odessey

Just outside Bowen, one of the magnificent views of the countryside



So different to what we expected

The Opera House, how cool in photos, not. But the bridge, that was something special!!

Oz Odessey

I is a 'surfer babe' not !!!

Oz odessey


at the end of his surf, Byron Bay. Vinnie huggin the board.

Oz Odyssey

Surfing Byron bay - as you can see Chloe got the hang of it quite quickly.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Us Again

Hi to all
Long time no hear, from some anyway (you know who you are), we need your adds to send you info on our adventures and yours.
We have arrived in Byron Bay a lovely seaside town with bright sunshine and warm temperaturtes, today is dreary, damp and yet beautiful. We have watched the migrgating Humpback Whales as they travelled north from Byron Bay lighthouse the furthest easten point of Australia, the breaching was awsome, also watching the Dolphins surfing the waves below was equally fantastic!!
Talking of Surfing we are now known as "the surfing Strings" after our awesome lessons with Byron Bays top surfing instructor Serena!!!!!!!!(of Surf Byron Bay).
We are leaving here travelling south on monday the 25th of June heading for Coffs Harbour, then on to Sydney for a couple of weeks before heading off to FREEZING New Zealand.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wat Tham Seua,Thailand

Buddhas' unite.
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Turtle Beach, Perhentian Islands

Turtle beach, isolated, beautiful, exotic.
If only James Bond had found me before Ursula Andress, I would have been his Pussy Galore!!
Here's the string bursting out of the evervescent, The corals below were just incredible. we've all become ecowarriors.

Ah, the family shot -a very kind passing humpback parrotfish took this photo(it was deserted after all! only us and the fish.)
Isn't our boy wonderful, vince is just tryng to shake the change from his pockets.

Ah, I hear you say, where is a photo of young vincent, well hang on a mo, its below.
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